Borislav Pavlovski: An Anthology of New Macedonian Drama, 2000.

Original Title: Antologija nove makedonske drame

Borislav Pavlovski’s An Anthology of New Macedonian Drama shows the trends in development of Macedonian drama over the last twenty years or so. The author has included six of the best young Macedonian dramatists in the book, whose texts, such as Dean Dukovski’s Powder-Keg, have also become popular on world stages over the last decade. Along with the plays selected, Borislav Pavlovski has written a detailed and interesting introduction about the history of Macedonian drama with the emphasis on the contemporary period. The detailed review of the last twenty years in Macedonian drama and theatre is unique in its systematic and analytical nature, with its worth lying in the fact that the author has in one place systematically presented the development orientation of Macedonian playwrights from their beginnings (a short survey) up until the present day. The list of Macedonian plays performed on Croatian stages along with a list of primary literature in the author’s introduction to the Anthology… provides a theoretical and theatrological framework which will make it possible for future readers both to find their way and to study further this drama literature which has been virtually ignored in Croatia during the last ten years. The author is Professor of Macedonian Literature at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

The book has been published thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the Zagreb City Office for Culture.

The plays selected:
Venko Andonovski, Uprising in the Retirement Home
Dejan Dukovski, Powder-Keg
Trajče Kacarov, If No Rain Comes
Žanina Mirčevska, Dies irae
Saško Nasev, Positive Thinking
Jugoslav Petrovski, The Porcelain Vase