Davor Špišić: Preludes, 1996.

Original Title: Predigre (tri drame)

When the war started in Croatia, Davor Špišiæ laid down his pen as a theatre critic and took up the gear of a war reporter, who testified to the completely new and evil reality in which we found ourselves. His experience of the war became the common denominator of the texts he wrote from 1991 onwards, including the prose and three drama texts brought together in this book. Welcome to the War was written in 1992 as a direct response to the author’s experiences. It was premiered in Osijek in 1992 at the Croatian National Theatre – and it survived. War was present both on the stage and outside the theatre, as mortar shells came raining down on the city during the performance. On the Brink, written in 1993, was based on the prose of Miroslav Krleža (On the Brink of Sanity and Jambrek of the Home Guard). In other words, it is based on the fine associative weave which has everything to do with our recent reality!. The Year of the Good Harvest (1995) is set in the clichéd salon of a family drama in which mother, father and daughter try to find solutions to diverse erotic anxieties, war-time traumas and problems in communication.