Eight Contemporary Croatian Plays, 2003: Different Voices

Selected by: Boris Senker
Editor: Željka Turčinović
The book Different Voices is thus far the most ambitious publishing effort of the Mansions Series to support one of the most important programme tasks of the Croatian Centre of ITI: presenting Croatian playwrights abroad and initiating the stagings of their works in foreign theatres. The book consists of English translations of plays by eight contemporary Croatian playwrights born between 1961 and 1975. Dr. Boris Senker was the selector and wrote the comprehensive foreword. The book features the playwrights Miro Gavran (Death of an Actor /Kad umire glumac/), Lada Kaštelan (The Last Link /Posljednja karika/), Tanja Radović (Entrapped in a Drawing /Iznajmljivanje vremena/), Mate Matišić (The Clergyman’s Children /Svećenikova djeca/), Ivan Vidić (Fever /Groznica/), Filip Šovagović (Bricky /Cigla/), Tomislav Zajec (John Smith, Princess of Wales) and Ivana Sajko (Rib Cage /Rebro kao zeleni zidovi/).