GONG Group of Authors: Multiple Prophesy of the Fissures, 1994.

Original Title: Višekratno proročanstvo pukotina

Three joint works by the GONG Group of Authors – which is made up of seven Croatian dramatists of the young and middle generation – are published in the book. Multiple Prophecy of the Fissures, Haydn’s Head and Ludwig and the Shell all deal with the destinies of famous composers – Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, and all three plays have been performed on Croatian Radio.

Each author is also represented in the book with one individually written play, showing that this interesting group consists of very diverse artistic sensibilities:

Sanja Lovrenčić – The Transparent Pitcher,

Iris Supek – Strawberries with a Hood,

Katja Šimunic – Blueblanche, Tango, War,

Mario Vrbančić – The Voyeurs,

Milica Lukšić – The Evil Quarter of the Moon,

Branislav Krvokapić – The Door,

Smiljana Jelčić-Sviben – Fugue.