Maja Gregl: Ljubavi Alme Mahler / Die Lieben der Alma Mahler (in Croatian and German), 1999.

Original Title: Ljubavi Alme Mahler Maja Gregl’s artistic preoccupation is the eternal theme of the relationship between men and women in their constant search for an encounter with the other, and with themselves. The process she chooses is usually a journey through the intimate self of the woman, registering the delicate movements of the soul on the fine border between imagination and reality. This drama is about an unusual and very famous woman from the past – Alma Mahler. Instead of creating her own art, she was the support and inspiration of very famous men – Mahler, Kokoschka, and Gropius – making a work of art of her own life – a life lead against all the rules and conventions, living love as a yearning for the unattainable. The Loves of Alma Mahler won Croatia’s most prestigious drama prize – the Marin Držić Drama Award – given by the Ministry of Culture of the Croatia in 1995, and was performed on Croatian Radio in the radio-play version in 1993, and on the stage at the &TD Theatre in Zagreb in 1999. The play was published in both German and Croatia (in Elisabeth Gecse’s translation) and illustrated by the prominent ceramics artist and painter, Ljerka Njerš, with work from her Hommage à Gustav Klimt cycle. In this way Vienna’s epoch at the end of the 19th century is depicted through the life of one fascinating woman of that time, and through the painter’s idiom. The book was published thanks to the assistance given by the Austrian Cultural Centre in Zagreb.