Mansioni Edition

In the twenty three years of its existence, and an ample scope of interests connected to theatrological studies, dramatic texts, theatre travelogues, essays, anthologies and biographical writings, the “Mansions” series has profiled and established itself as one of the most important Croatian theatrological editions. The issues in this series feature both domestic and foreign authors; besides books in Croatian, translations of plays by Croatian dramatists are published in foreign languages, with the aim of promoting Croatian drama abroad.

Ljevak, Trg bana Jelačića 17, Zagreb
Školske knjige
Superknjižara, Rooseveltov trg 4, Zagreb
Ribook, Rijeka
AGM, Teslina 7, Zagreb
SC knjižara, Savska 25, Zagreb
Vuković&Runjić, Teslina 16, Zagreb
Profil, Bogovićeva 5, Zagreb

You can order the books on the phone 01 4920 667 or e-maila

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