Marvin Carlson: Theories of the Theatre 3, 1997.

Original Title: Kazališne teorije

This exceptionally valuable theatrological text-book has already been used by American students for some ten years. The Croatian edition is a translation of the latest, expanded edition. It analyses theatre theory from Aristotle to the most recent 20th century theories. The material is dealt with through a historical and critical review of the historical periods and the authors who were active during them. In this way, a comprehensive review is given of the spirit of the particular time, and this approach clearly shows the exceptional nature of theoretical thought about the theatre art in individual historical periods.

The book came out in three volumes, each of which covers one thematic whole: the first deals with Antiquity, the Middle Ages and Renaissance and with the 18th century in France and England; in the second we find bourgeois 19th century theory with an introductory chapter about the 20th century, while the third covers the 20th century from 1914 until the 1980s.

The first and second volumes were translated by Lara Höbling Matković, with Boris Senker’s professional editing. Boris Senker translated the third volume.