Miro Gavran: Comic Pieces, 1996.

Original Title: Šaljivi komadi

Miro Gavran has to date written more than thirty plays which have been performed literally world-wide (from Bulgaria to the United States), six books of his plays have been published, four novels and six books for young readers (included now in school reading lists). This book, which confirms his skills as a writer of comedy, contains nine texts: four comedies (My Wife’s Husband, The Return of My Wife’s Husband, Eviction, Wanted – A New Husband), two sketches (The Great Seducer and Sex Operation), and two mono-dramas (Trpimir, the Most Obedient Patient and Everything Will Be Alright). The basic theme is the relationship between men and women (marriage, amorousness – both loving and lustfully adulterous), which is brought to solution through the prism of comedy – without tragic consequences for the characters, and with lots of laughter for the audience. The recognisable traits in Gavran’s writing – smooth dialogue, unexpected turnabouts, well-structured vital characters – are joined in these pieces by witty plots and comic situations. That is the element which best recommends this book, which will be of interest not only to theatres – some of the texts have already been tested on stage – but also to the reading public which is sure to enjoy it.