Iva Nerina Sibila / Editorial

Jasmina Založnik / Rehearsing Togetherness

Ana Fazekaš / One for All and All for One, Together: Notes on Feminism in Contemporary Collective Dance Practices

Zrinka Užbinec / Beautiful monster of collaboration

Nina Gojić / Collective Bodying: Of Self-organised Initiatives and Struggles of Zagreb’s Dance Scene, interview with Selma Banich, Ana Kreitmeyer, Silvia Marchig and Sonja Pregrad

Tara Ivanišević / Through Kik Melone; On Collectivity

Iva Nerina Sibila / The Day the Successors Met the Giants, interview with Nataša Antulov and Helvecia Tomić

The best / Rapid Material Evolution: On Her Common Interests, New Waves, End Times & Mutual Love

Nada Dogan / Design & Dance: The Movement Type as the Result of Interdisciplinary Collaboration

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