As the only Croatian journal exclusively dedicated to dance art, Kretanja / Movements has from its very first issue (in 2002) published a corpus of texts that can be used as a kind of basis or introduction into dance theory, and serve as a platform for dance researchers as well as for the audience interested in field of dance.

Throughout issues we published translations of essays of the most important international dance theoreticians and critics (for example: Andre Levinson, John Martin, Alastair Macaulay, Lynn Garafola, Myriam Van Imshoot, etc.) and texts of Croatian contemporary dance theoreticians and critics (for example: Jelena Rajak, Nataša Govedić, Iva Nerina Sibila, Katja Šimunić, Maja Đurinović, Ivana Slunjski, Jelena Mihelčić, etc). We have introduced texts that present different examples of knowledge about dance but we have also presented outstanding creations from the Croatian dance scene and promoted domestic authors.

Besides, we were presenting in every issue a special thematic union, for example: dance and literature, dance and visual arts, dance and philosophy, classical ballet, dance critique, butoh, inclusive dance, etc. We have also published Movements in English language at particular intervals (2006, 2010) as well as one issue in French language (2011). Nevertheless, communication and more dynamic and frequent dialogue with international spectators and readers by means of bilingual issue seems to us as necessity in order to strengthen visibility and readability of the most propulsive realizations of the Croatian dance practice and theory. So we have decided to publish

Kretanja / Movements in Croatian and in English from double issue 23/24 onwards.

Kretanja/Movements Dance Magazine is published twice a year by the Croatian Centre of the International Theatre Institute.

ISSN 2584-363X (Online)
ISSN 1334-1073 (Tisak)

Maja Đurinović
Nada Dogan (Art Director)
Iva Nerina Sibila
Nina Gojić
Ana Fazekaš


Hrvatski centar ITI / Croatian Centre of ITI

Basaričekova 24, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

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