Peter Brook: Threads of Time, 2003.

Editor: Sanja Nikčević
Threads of Time is a sort of memoir prose by one of the greatest theatre directors of the 20th century. The first part of the book (first published in the UK in 1998) is autobiographical and speaks of Brook’s childhood, his parents, his youth, his work in theatre and eternal passion for film. The second part deals with the author’s investigation of theatre, the people he worked with and from whom he learned, and his theatre travels to various parts of the world. The third part is the story of Brook’s spiritual and intellectual development, inevitably connected to people like Gurdjieff, Jane Heap and Mrs Salzman. This exciting and inspiring book works just the way Brook believes theatre should work – “bringing a drop of light” into the life of theatre and those who make it. Threads of Time was translated into Croatian by Antonija Ćutić.