Tomislav Bakarić: La muerte de Stjepan Radić, 1998.

Original Title: Smrt Stjepana Radića

The drama La muerte de Stjepan Radić is a very significant play in Croatian terms, both in its artistic attainments and the subject with which it deals. As the title indicates, it describes the death of Stjepan Radić, one of Croatia’s greatest political figures. Showing those who influenced the fate of Stjepan Radić, without the actual appearance of the main character of the story, Tomislav Bakarić achieved a certain degree of wonder and modernity in his drama, but also left the personage of Stjepan Radić to the national consciousness, to fill him out as the members of the audience see fit. The play was premiered at the Croatian National Theatre in Varaždin in 1971. The play was chosen for performance in Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina and this provided an opportunity to publish the text in that widely-spoken language. That was the very beginning of the Series Mansions plan to publish works by Croatian authors in other languages. The book was published with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia and the author and the translator did not take any remuneration for their work.