Useful Links

Useful Links


These are a number of links on the existing Croatian theatre and theatre events web-pages which make it possible to monitor the repertoires of these theatres, as well as the current situation with repertoire in Croatia. The web-pages given are those which are regularly updated, with new information added from time to time.



A handy ABC index which covers more than thirty theatres whose repertoires are partly or fully in English, or web-pages which have an English variant. The shortcoming of this index is that some of the addresses given are not always accessiblee, or are no longer active.


These pages can also be accessed through the pages of the Croatian National Theatre (HNK) in Split, the only Croatian theatre which is a member of the ETC. This theatre association was founded in 1988 with the objective of linking European theatre institutions into a uniform network on the territory of the European Union. Today, it has more than thirty theatres in eighteen European countries. The page has links with the ETC theatre-member Internet pages with information on the activities of the Centre and its plans for the future.


A German browser which has an ABC index and contains information on all the relevant theatres in the German-speaking territory, their repertoires, contact persons, as well as offering the possibility of reserving tickets on-line for individual productions.






One of the largest and best-known summer theatre festivals on the European continent has its Internet page where you can find information on this year’s Festival programme, learn about the possibilities for accommodation and prices in Avignon during the Festival, and reserve tickets for the individual productions which do not place in the streets. The pages also contain a Festival archive, mentioning the leading groups which have performed at the Festival in previous years.


(Edinburgh International Festival)

(Edinburgh Festival Fringe) (stranica The Traverse Theatra)

(stranica The Traverse Theatra)

(stranica The Gilded Ballon Theatra)

Similarly to the Avignon Festival, the Edinburgh Festival is well-known within theatre circles and outside them. The program can be found on various web-pages, while the basic ones are those of the Edinburgh International Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As individual theatres also hold their own festivals as part of the Edinburg Fringe Festival, and the program of events in Edinburgh is extensive and packed (the jazz festival, the classical music festival, the film festival, the literary festival and many exhibitions), these pages offer a host of useful links and informatin about such events.


”Drama and Theater Resource Guide”

The Official London Theatre Guide and London Theatre Online are two web-pages in which you can find all the information on the most recent West End hits, with what the critics had to say about the productions. The Official London Theatre Guide is the home-page of the most extensive web guide through London theatres and theatre life, with announcements about premieres, extracts from critiques, publicity material, photo material, and the possibility of reserving tickets. Unlike these pages, London Theatre Online is a server intended only for the latter purpose, although there are links from there and the possibility to access detailed information about the productions which you would perhaps like to see. British Theatre is the home page which can take you through particular aspects of the theatre in England which might interest you (playwrights, actors, drama texts, theatre companies, theatres, dance, performances, etc.).


The Scottish Arts Council page contains loads of information about foundations, prizes, the ways in which culture is funded in Scotland, as well as links and information about other web-pages devoted to all types of art.


If you are planning a trip to New York and a visit to its theaters, this is the web-page which will tell you all you need to know about premieres, ticket reservations, and everything else which could possibly interest you before you set out.



While New York Theatre Wire contains information about Off- Broadway and university drama productions, the Live Broadway page will also provide you with comprehensive information on the major, expensive Broadway American theatre productions, and about the drama productions which usually star the great theatre names.


One of the best-known New York theatre magazines has its own page where you can read what the critics said about the major productions in the Broadway repertoire. Individual shows are reviewed several times, and the pieces can also differ depending on what the critics think of the actors who come into the roles as time goes by. You can also order New York souvenirs on the Playbill page or link up with some of the servers available for reserving and buying theatre tickets.


Two web-pages of the most celebrated Ljubljana theatres – not far away if you live in northern Croatia – with detailed information on the season, titles and programmes. The Drama Section of the Slovenian National Theatre and the Slovenian Youth Theatre in Ljubljana, are two very important Slovenian theatres and you can find information about their productions on the web.


The portal of Hungarian theatres in which you can find all the major theatres in the land of Croatia’s neighbour to the north. It helps if you know Hungarian. Only some of the theatres have bilingual pages (Hungarian and English) on their ABC browsers. One of them is the most famous Budpest theatre, the Katona Jozsef Szinhaz. If you would like to open its pages, add /katona/ to the above address (as shown, with slash brackets).



One of the best known German theatres in the former East Berlin, the Berliner Ensemble, has announced its premiere of Beckett’s Happy Days in April 2002, with Christoff Wiesinger directing and Jutta Lampe in the starring role. The Deutsches Theater in Berlin is one of the oldest in the city while the Schaubühne in Lehniner Platz needs no particular introduction to domestic readers, since they know the ensemble from the EUROKAZ. You will be able to find more information about the theatres themselves and their repertoires on these pages.


These three addresses of interesting theatres in London will connect you with recent theatre events in this city. The Pleasance Theatre gives a selection between London and Edinburgh; the Edinburgh theatre of the same name is one of the most visited places in town during the Festival. Besides offering outstanding productions (Steven Berkoff is almost a permanent guest in that theatre), you can also have a drink and listen to fine, live music in the theatre’s garden. Shakespeare’s King Lear is currently being played at the Almeida Theatre and, according to quote from The Guardian on the theatre’s pages, it is supposed to be a very sound, if not exceptional, piece of theatre. And, finally, The Royal Court Theatre and the credit that goes to it for the development of English drama needs no particular introduction.


That great name in the art of theatre, Robert Wilson, promotes his new projects and plans on his authorised Internet pages. Although the public in Croatia has not had the pleasure of seeing his productions, the lecture he delivered a few years ago at the EUROKAZ made him well known here. Just as simply as when one accesses Robert Wilson, one can also find information on other great stars in the world theatre if one sets out to seek them in the virtual world of the Internet.


Theater, one of the best known American theatre magazines, which is put out by Duke University Press, edited by Erika Munk, is devoted to the phenomena in the contemporary theatre which have marked the era. The theatre of Eastern Europe and the countries in transition are not always in the centre of attention of the editorial board of this magazine, which does not come out often. However, it is worth noting that its articles on the contemporary theatre are very influential in America.

A theatre library in which you can find and order drama texts by world playwrights, from the Greek classics to contemporary authors. With the help of a standard browser (, for instance) you can find a host of such pages on the Internet if you know the name of the author and the text which interests you.